Decoy Ridge Retrievers

Decoy Ridge Retrievers was originally situated on 18 acres south of Troy, Missouri.  The kennel building had ten kennels.  Six of those kennels had access to an outside, partially-covered run.  It housed ten of our permanent residents, mostly females.  Puppies also resided in the kennel building.  They ranged in age from newborn up to twelve months old.  We had ten outside covered kennels that housed most of our males and the rest of our females.  All kennels were covered and were on concrete. The concrete made cleaning easier, kept nails trimmed and prevented digging.  The kennel building had water, electricity and it's own furnace for heat in the winter.  It also had a number of fans for cooling in the summer.

We began raising puppies in 1994.  Even though some breeders will breed their females every heat cycle, we only bred our females once a year.  We felt they needed time to recover physically between litters.  We placed great emphasis on the socialization of our puppies.  We believe that giving puppies the right start in life makes them easier to train and a well-rounded member of your family.  We raised puppies for the family and the hunter.  Some of our puppies are filling both roles in their new homes.

With the hunter in mind, we started with some of the hunting breeds.  We have raised Brittanys, English Setters, German Shorthaired Pointers, Labrador and Golden Retrievers as well as Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.  We bred and raised puppies for close to 10 years but we are no longer breeding.  In March of 2004 we moved the remaining crew to our new 15 acre location northeast of Troy where they happily relax enjoying their retirement in a new building built especially for them!

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